The Eye of Thane

The Final Test

Failure is an option, it's just a bad one.

While returning to Mayor Dugan’s home,Ali sees the guard who ran away the day before, leaving the party to deal with the children and the kidnapped boy, locked in the stocks in the market square, being pelted by rocks by the children. Ali decides to assist the children by throwing a rock of his own, which smashes into the guard’s hand, crushing four of his fingers.

Mayor Dugan and Allistair await the party at the town hall, and inform them that the Lord of Riatavin has charged him with finding men of “Valor, Fortitude, and Virtue” to assist the city and it’s new parent nation of Tethyr, but that first, Allistair has devised one final test.

Erevan, having been angered by the loss of the treasures from Allistar’s first test, questions if this test will be another of the Wizard’s illusions, or if there will be tangible rewards. Allistair informs the party that both the dangers and the rewards for this test will be quite real.

The party follows the wizened old mage north out of town, through the surrounding farmland and into the wooded hills, until they reach a small clearing where Allistair instructs them to wait, before walking off into the brush.


Out of the brush, comes a rustling, the party draws their weapons, preparing to meet whatever Allistair may have up his sleeve. From the dense brush at the north end of the clearing emerges an Owlbear, which, upon seeing the party, let’s out a blood-curdling screech and charges.

The party fights bravely, and furiously, but must watch in horror as their priest Ahmed is slashed by the Owlbear’s talons, and then his throat bitten out by it’s beak. Horrified and angry, the party attack the beast with renewed fervor with Harg’s mighty greatsword delivering the killing blow.

Still enraged at the death of his brother, Ali, assisted by Naberius begins building a funeral pyre in the clearing, to send his brother to The Red Knight. As Ali is raising the torch to ignite the pyre, Erevan, seemingly at a whim, attempts to light the pyre with his burning hands, in the process burning the other surviving party members. Ali, filled with rage and sorrow, interprets this as an attack and turns on the elf to slay him. Upon slaying the elf, Ali covers him in oil and sets him ablaze too. Naberius, wanting to help himself to Erevan’s possessions first, attempts to put him out with the blanket from his bedroll, he fails to hear the sound or see the telltale sparkle as Erevan’s wand of Magic Missiles becomes engulfed in the flames and as the wand explodes with the force of many magic missiles, both he, and the body of the elf are reduced to a fine red mist, covering Ali.

With most of the group dead, Ali and Harg return to town to find Mayor Dugan waiting for them. He informs them that they failed to display any of the attributes Lord Fawkes was looking for, and that they had failed the test.

After a night of drinking and fighting, the pair decide to leave Trailstone forever, and find a new life on the road.

(The End)



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