The Eye of Thane

You've Got to Start Somewhere

I wonder if Drizzt had to perform menial labor to become a badass.

The group return to the Trailstone Town Hall and meet with Mayor Dugan who tasks them with getting some conscripts out of the local pub and to report for duty at the fort.

After attempts to convince the soldiers to return to work failed, Erevan convinces their leader that they will be killed as deserters if they refuse. (exceptional bluff check) The agree to return to duty immediately.

While returning to the Mayor, the party encounters a group of children all running and shouting and carrying on at once, upon calming them down, they learn that young Timothy MacGuffin was grabbed by “Little Green Monsters while they were all playing in a clearing outside of town. The children beg the party to save Timmy.

The party tracks a group of goblins to their warren/cave a few miles into the hills outside, after failing to silence their sentry, the battle is joined, and the group is able to easily subdue the goblins. Moving inside the cave the party discover Timmy is caged inside, guarded by the last 2 goblins of the band, and their leader, a bugbear named Oglok.

The party makes short work of Oglok while Ali frees the boy from his cage.

Mayor Dugan rewards the party for peacefully resolving the situation with the conscripts, and again asks that they see him the following day, on the dawn.



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