Harg Bonemuncher

Barbarian - Played by Josh Durand


HP 26 AC 15

Str 17 Dex 15 Con 12 Int 9 Wis 11 Cha 9


My name is Harg Bonemuncher. I am a thirty year old half-orc who was born and raised in the wonderful land of Rasheman. My family consists of me and my orcish mother. My father (obviously) was a human but like most human mothers of half-orc children my father had no choice whether he slept with my mother or not. He thought he was going to get a beautiful young human female who blindfolded him and tied him to a bed. Little did he know my mother threatened her family to get her to do this. I spent the first years of my life growing up in the woods learning to track and spot. Mainly because if I didn’t we didn’t eat. And orcs aren’t known for eating vegetables.

When I reached the ripe old age of thirteen I decided I wanted to learn to fight so I could adventure and seek my fortune. So I joined a small militia group that trains fighters, and seeing as I was as tall then as I am now they started me off on the two-handed great sword. They said as long as you fight with great passion most people will be afraid to come near you. So I fought, and fought well with great passion. I became feared in human lands because of my rage and became hated. When I reached the age of twenty I was arrested and condemned to death for killing a villages herd of cattle (merely a few head). However, I was given the opportunity to become a gladiator because of my legend. People came from far and wide to see me fight. And I did well. None could stay the hand of the Bonemuncher, I can cleave mightily with my sword.

For ten years I fought cowards and condemned men and then I was approached several months ago by an ambassador of the town leaders to join ranks with several others and learn to fight for the good of the townspeople. So far we have been tested by the town mayor and his mage assistant and actually rescued a boy from Trailstone. I hope my mom doesn’t hear about that. The battle was epic, from what I remember. I became enraged and destroyed the beasts that had taken the child. Not alone though, my compatriots assisted. A shot to my hind quarters from an arrow inspired my rage to destroy the hideous monster. And I did so, with dispatch. Now we await the meeting with someone from Trailstone that determines where we go from here.

Harg Bonemuncher

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