Rayne Dugan

The Mayor of Trailstone


The Mayor of Trailstone grew up under Amnish rule, and came into office during Riatavin’s split from Amn. Rayne decided that his people would be best served by pledging his town and it’s surrounding farms and industry to Riatavin and Tethyr.

His boyhood mentor, a wizened enchanter named Allistair, is known to advise him, and sometimes will convince the mayor to sponsor would-be adventurers, in an effort to bring a measure of fame to the town.


A tall, gentleman of mixed Illuskan and Callishite heritage; Mayor Rayne Dugan grew up the son of a shopkeeper, and a seamstress. Interested in Magic and Alchemy from a young age, Rayne’s parents arranged for him to work as assistant and chore boy to the local enchanter, in the hopes that his duties would place him in the proximity to learn from the gentle wizard.

Rayne Dugan

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