The Eye of Thane is meant to be an epic-length campaign, taking characters from level 1 to between levels 12 and 15 over the course of not less than 52 four to five hour sessions. It will be set on Faerun, in the 3.5 Edition time period, the campaign will begin in Tethyr, in a mostly human settlement west of Riatavin named “Trailstone”

Much like the structure of many D&D video games, in addition to the main quest arcs, there will be presented opportunities for side-quests and other optional content. Additionally, characters actions will play a factor in their alignment, for example: A Paladin who has committed too many chaotic or evil acts and shifts to any alignment other than Lawful Good will lose his Paladin abilities and revert to a simple fighter. The DM won’t stop you, or remind you, when you commit acts against your alignment, but it will be noted.

All players will be required to submit a backstory/wiki entry for their character, this must be received by the 3rd gaming session to continue play. The backstory and wiki submission should be between 350 and 750 words, completion of this will earn you bonus XP. Each chapter, you will be given the opportunity to expand this information for further bonus XP.

  • There will be an XP bonus each game for the best roleplayer (by a vote)
  • Each game, someone will be asked to be the party’s scribe, this player will keep notes on the events of the evening, and provide the GM with those notes to further the adventure log. (Additionally, players will be given the option to write the log entry as a journal entry, written from their character’s perspective. XP will be awarded for this.)
  • Once the game is in session, anything you say, your character says, anything you describe doing, your character will attempt (dicerolls) Gain the DM’s attention if you need to say or ask something OOC (Out of character)
  • Per-game XP award for attendance (Includes showing up, on time, and staying awake throughout the game)
  • Falling asleep in the game means your character takes point in any and all encounters and combat, and will act as a human shield for the nearest party member, until the player wakes up.
  • Extra dice are available if you do not have your own
  • All PC dice rolls done on-table in sight of the party
  • All players to show up sober.
  • Any player missing more than 3 games in a 60-day period will be dropped to make room for dedicated players.

Final Notes: Characters and locations from “The Cleric Quintet” by R.A. Salvatore used, briefly, without permission.

The Eye of Thane

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